What is Crumbs?

Crumbs is an app that rounds up your debit or credit card transaction and puts the spare-change, or difference between transaction amount and nearest dollar, into a crypto-asset of your choice.

For example, say you purchase a cup of coffee for $3.75, Crumbs takes $0.25, and waits until your total roundups reach $5.00. Once your pending roundups reach $5.00 Crumbs puts that amount into the crypto-asset portfolio you selected. So if you selected 50% BTC and 50% XRP you would get $2.50 worth of BTC and $2.50 XRP (Ripple) at the current rate.

Does Crumbs charge fees?

Yes, it is $2.00 a month and we charge 1% of the transaction amount + $0.15 on deposits (round ups, recurring, one-time, etc) and 1% of the transaction amount + $0.25 for withdrawals. This isn’t because we are greedy. We need to be able to cover our service fees in order to offer this awesome service to you.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies or crypto-assets are digital tokens that are protected by encryption and cryptography, meaning it is very challenging to counterfeit or copy them since every transaction is recorded in a blockchain.

How does cryptocurrency work?

Cryptocurrency is encrypted by cryptology to secure transactions between two parties. Each party has a private key that allows them to access their cryptocurrency and exchange it. This key is like an account number, but it has 51 alphanumeric characters, making it extremely difficult to crack. With your private key, you can securely transfer digital funds anywhere in the world in an instant. Your key is stored in a digital wallet, and without it, you can’t access your cryptocurrency.

What is cryptography?

Cryptography refers to the study of codes. But when talking about cryptology in the context of cryptocurrency, it is a complex mathematical algorithm that confirms your cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptography helps verify your identity when you make transactions and keeps others from being able to use your private key to repeat or defraud transactions.

What is a blockchain?

Blockchain is technology that lets digital information (like cryptocurrency) be shared and distributed without being copied. This technology makes using cryptocurrencies possible. Essentially, a blockchain is a digital ledger, or a chain of digital information that keeps track of all secured transactions. Once a verified transaction using cryptocurrency has gone through, the algorithm records and secures that transaction into a blockchain. Some blockchains are public and shared, although the data is not mutable. Like most cryptocurrencies, there is no central authority for the blockchain.

What Cryptocurrencies can I get with Crumbs?

  • Bitcoin: BTC
  • Ethereum: ETH
  • Litecoin: LTC
  • Ripple: XRP
  • Monero: XMR
  • Dash: DASH
  • Stellar: XLM
  • NEM: XEM
  • NEO: NEO
  • More coming soon 😎…

Can I select which cryptocurrencies my roundups go into?

Yes, during sign up you create your portfolio, this allows you to select up to four different crypto-assets from the 10+ assets we currently support. If you want to change your portfolio you can always do so inside the app.

For example, if you select 50% BTC and 50% ETH, half of your round up will go into Bitcoin and the other half will go into Ethereum.

How secure is Crumbs?

All of your crypto-assets are held in cold storage wallets, meaning they are offline and not connected to the internet adding an additional layer of security. Crumb’s also uses 256-bit encryption to protect your personal information and transaction history. We value your privacy and security, so Crumbs is always

How is Crumbs different than other apps?

  • We offer round ups - mindlessly save using cryptocurrencies
  • Recurring buys - Monthly and Weekly
  • Roundup multipliers - up to 2x
  • Support for altcoins
  • Doesn’t require an account with an existing exchange to participate
  • No large fee’s on small transactions
  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • Live price charts in app
  • Crypto related articles in app

For any support-related inquiries regarding your Crumbs account please email us at support@crumbsapp.io. We will do our best to get back to you immediately.

For all other inquiries we would love to hear from you, email us at hi@crumbsapp.io. Looking forward to hearing from you!