Easy as pie 🥧

In just a few minutes you can be turning your nickels and dimes into cryptoassets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash, Z-Cash, Monero, NEO, Lisk, Stellar, Metal, and more!

Connect your bank

  • Securely link your funding source
  • We support over 3600+ institutions and more coming.

  • Create your portfolio
  • Choose from 10+ crypto-assets, change your portfolio as you wish.

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    Boost Gains

  • Start investing every time you spend
  • Begin passively growing a diverse crypto asset portfolio

    All your crypto needs organized neatly into one app

    View and manage your Crumbs balance, monitor live price charts, or catch up on recent news.


    For less than a cup of coffee a month you can be passively building a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio and saving for your future.

  • Round Ups - mindlessly grow your crypto portfolio
  • Unlimited Cards
  • Link multiple credit or debit cards to grow your Crumbs
  • Eye Graph
  • Stay on top of the market with access to real-time crypto price data
  • Article Lock
  • Stay informed with crypto-related news articles at your fingertips
  • Widthdraw
  • Withdraw anytime from any wallet
  • First month is on us then it’s $2.00 a month


    At Crumbs your safety and security is a priority so we don't take short cuts.

  • Your personal information and transaction history is protected by bank-level 256-bit encryption.
  • Safe
  • All crypto-assets are stored offline using cold storage.
  • Fingerprint
  • We require multi-factor authentication for login and withdrawals of funds.
  • Invest in your knowledge

    Before you begin check out some resources we prepared for you to get started

    For any support-related inquiries regarding your Crumbs account please email us at support@crumbsapp.io. We will do our best to get back to you immediately.

    For all other inquiries we would love to hear from you, email us at hi@crumbsapp.io. Looking forward to hearing from you!